For me, being a DJ is more than just performing with a Laptop at a party. Having more than just basic knowledge about your genre, a special sense for the music and of course skill is what in my mind really makes a DJ. ( Not that I say that I am skilled, haha πŸ˜€ )
My real name is Fabian and I’m from Nuremberg in Germany. I got introduced to hardstyle in 2009, and while listening to its banging beats for the first time, I immediately realised: This is more than just music for me. it became a core part of my life within no time.

2 years later I reached my first milestone of becoming a Resident DJ at german famous Hardstyle-Radiostation HardBase.FM. In 2016 iI started streaming my passion on the Live-Platform Twitch and ever since I share my unconditional love for the Harder Styles with you, the Viewers, the β€žRoughycrewβ€œ!

Passion, love and unity is way more important than success in my eyes. So I just want to share every thought I have for this Music with you!

And to quote Q-Dance:

β€žWe’ve only just begunβ€œ




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