Roughys Hardstyle Blog

Wasn’t hearing the beats of the Harder Styles a true lifechanging thing for you as it was for me?
I guess that’s why you are here. Well, you won’t read just fact over fact in this brand new Blog.
It’s more about to show you my point of view! I’ll tell you what is going on in the scene and try
to look behind the obvious. Especially give you my critical opinion about everything! 🙂
From a Harder Styles lover to Harder Styles Lovers.



So, i won’t pick up every single thing, it’s more about to tell you stuff that in my mind is
important to share! 🙂 If there are any topics out there which you want me to talk about, just
send me an e-mail to ! Also Feedback is highly appreciated! Just contact me
whenever you want.

I’m hyped, let’s see how that goes! Stay tuned, the first Blog will appear soon!

best regards,